‘I blame all those MA courses in curating’

Just listened to the full podcast of the podcast of the talk ‘Sex Sells: Erotic Experience and Controversy as Curatorial Method’ At the end of the series of short talks, and during open discussion Sarah Kent art critic and broadcaster made the following suggestion…

‘One of the changes that has taken place, and ‘Seduced’ is an example of this, is the shift from artists’ made exhibitions to curators’ made exhibitions. So, all the exhibitions that we cited were significant were actually curated by the artists themselves and there is a huge difference between exhibitions that are put on by the artist in order to make a point or a series of points, or to take up a position, and exhibitions in which art works are chosen to illustrate an idea or to argue a point, which is an idea, an argument or a position held by the curator, not by the artist.’ ‘I personally think this is an extremely negative direction we’ve moved in and I blame all those MA courses in curating and I think they should all be closed down  …as of now!’

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