Ann-Sofi Siden, Prostitution After The Velvet Revolution at the Hayward Gallery 2002

Video Installation as part of Warte Mal: Prostitution After the Velvet Revolution at the Hayward Gallery 2002

ArtForum magazine:

‘A mere decade ago, according to UK artworld legend, a well-known London gallerist explained that he avoided representing women artists because their work always seemed to be “about problems.” My, how things change. Ann-Sofi Siden’s Warte Mal!: Prostitution after the Velvet Revolution, 1999, a kaleidoscopic video work documenting the post-Communist sex industry in Dubi, a Czech border town, must surely qualify as “problem art” with bells on–but it’s been launched at the Wiener Secession and shown at the Hayward without anyone in the art business raising an eyebrow. Indeed, catalogue essayist Robert Fleck fetes the work as proof of video installation’s “coming of age” within the history of sculpture.’

‘One suspects that most visitors had been attracted by the Paul Klee exhibition showing alongside Siden’s’   read full article…

Rachel Withers “Ann-Sofi Siden: Hayward Gallery – Reviews: London – Brief Article“. Artforum International v. 40 no. 8 (April 2002) p. 147-8


London Evening Standard

‘Meandering through Warte Mal! (German for Hey wait!) feels like a cross between making your own investigative documentary and taking a crummy European holiday break. ‘  read ful article…

Claire Bishop The London Evening Standard, 28 Jan 2002.


London SE1 Community Web

‘Siden’s provoking images – whilst very important and necessary in revealing this seedy world – do not conform to any aesthetic criterion of art and are more journalistic and investigative in nature.’   read brief article…

Farouk Campbell, London SE1, Monday 21 January 2002


Independent on Sunday

“Sometime in the not-too-distant future, we won’t be watching Storyville or True Stories or whatever the latest TV documentary strand is called. Rather, some fiendishly clever machine will allow us to walk through multiple interviews, imagine we’re in the same room as the subjects and see what other viewers’ reactions are. For an approximation of what this might be like, you can turn to Ann- Sofi Siden’s video installation, Warte Mal! (Hey! Wait!)


‘In Between the Best of Worlds.’ Article looking at the work of Ann-Sofi Siden.

‘Siden works with tropes of the suppressed woman, scrutinizing their historical and ideological grounds.’     read article In Between the Best of Worlds – Ann-Sofi Siden

Malin Hedlin Hayden ‘In Between the Best of Worlds: Ann-Sofi Siden at Moderna museet’ SOURCE: Konsthistorisk Tidskr 74 no3 2005
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