When Worlds Collide by Christopher R. Marshall

When Worlds Collide (Full Text Link)

I really enjoyed this essay, such a well-thought out and well-executed piece of writing. It was a joy to read compared with all the cranky academic stuff we’ve been reading lately. I found the ideas about the museum being a ‘projective’ space and the gallery traditionally a ‘reflective’ space put forward with clarity, and feel in accord with the final sentiments about the exciting ways that these two institutions could mutually take influence.

‘They thus open up the tantalising possibility of a dynamic conjunction between the projective space of the museum, on the one hand, and the reflective space of the gallery, on the other, that might serve as a yet more fertile ground for further synergies between both spaces in the near future’

I’m all for bringing curatorial methodologies together rather than setting them against each other and i feel an almost physical rejection of the idea of right vs wrong.

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