Sex Work in Ancient Rome


(Revised this …AWFUL narration and awful music. I wish I could read a transcript and cut out all the re-created scenes …or get Stephen Fry to narrate something a little less like a Rambo movie trailer)

Despite the dumbed down consumer tv nature,  irritating sensationalism and at times judgemental narrative in this 2-part series, there are some very interesting responses from academics, inlcuding those of Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill MA, DPhil, OBE, FBA. It also brings together a wide range of avenues for investigation, especially with regard to the laws and society status of prostitutes  (see 1. Prostitution in Pompeii part 3 of 5)

…Need to look at parallels with caste system in India.

1. Prostitution in Pompeii (part 1 of 5)

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